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Skydiving / Paragliding

Add a little fun to your holiday!

Skydiving or Paragliding! You are here for fun, so shopping on line could not be easier with before you leave home.  Your shopping will be delivered when you arrive. Let us take the stress out of your holiday and shop on line with us.

To help you also get started we have listed some information for your help. Now all you need to do is shop for the week on line and book those thrill days.

Paragliding in Tenerife
If you want that same unbeatable bird's eye view of Tenerife but without necessarily testing the sheer force of gravity to such an extreme, paragliding may be the perfect option. Offering incredible views, unbeatable weather and those coveted thermal currents, Tenerife is a paragliding paradise.

Below you will find the six most commonly used Tenerife paragliding routes along with a list of paragliding clubs found throughout the island. For more detailed information, contact the Canary Island Federation of Air Sports (FECDA) or check out its website:

Paragliding Routes in Tenerife







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