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Canary Wine


Winemaking is such a strong part of local tradition Tenerife being no different to any other of the Islands, and many locals still make there own from their own grown vines.


So don't miss out while you are here and enjoy the local traditional glass of Tenerife wine!  Its easy when you shop online at History It may have been a Portuguese man called Fernando de Castro who, in 1497, planted the first vine on Tenerife.  Just a few months after the conquest of Tenerife, the history of viticulture was already beginning on the island. Shortly afterwards, at the beginning of the 16th century Tenerife's wines began to conquer Europe. Their success was so great, writers such as Shakespeare and Walter Scott praised their quality in some of their work.  During the 16th and first half of the 17th century, viticulture was the driving force for the economy in Tenerife. Its wine production was exported in huge quantities from the Port of Garachico, in the north of the island, and this business created wealth and development. However, from 1663 onwards wines from Madeira and Porto began to replace Canarian wines as a result of political measures and better access to the British market and the winemaking activity on the island began to slow down. On the 5th of May 1706 a volcanic eruption destroyed the Port of Garachico and interrupted exports, and wine stopped being such an important industry on Tenerife. It wasn't until the 20th century when winemaking regained its old energy and drive. In 1985 Tacoronte-Acentejo received the first designation of origin on the island, which boosted the sector and helped it enter a new stage of life. Quality and variety are the new dominant characteristics of the industry. There are now five designations of origin that control the production of over 100 wineries on the island.  

Malsavia Wine  
For many centuries after the conquest of the Canary Islands, Malvasia wine, produced from a Greek grape of the same name, was the main industry in Tenerife. The famous Canary Sack became one of the most-prized wines in the world and was in constant demand in Europe during the 16th and 17th centuries. Today, some wineries keep this tradition alive by producing traditional sweet malvasias, as well as dry ones. This wine has a bright gold colour and intense aroma. The sweet varieties are perfect to accompany desserts or as an aperitif to accompany a good Canarian cheese.    


Red Wine                       
Although red wine production in Tenerife started after the initial success of the island's whites, nowadays they have achieved well-deserved recognition for their quality and singularity. Tenerife's red wine has a special character that complements the 5 different varieties produced here: Traditional, Maceration, Cask, Crianza and Reserve. They are ideal wines to accompany the delicious island gastronomy and are very popular in restaurants all over the island. Tenerife's red wines are produced using the Canarian varieties of the Listán Negro and Negramoll grapes. According to the experts, Tenerife's Traditional Red gives off a strong fruity aroma and tastes dry and full-bodied, the Maceration Red on the other hand, stands out for its body and long fruity aftertaste with a hint of wood. The Crianza Red, which is mainly produced in the region of Tacoronte-Acentejo, has a woody, vanilla and fruity aroma and leaves a varied aftertaste. Finally, the Reserve Red is characterised by its complex toasty, tobacco and vanilla finis.  Why not try the delicious Viña Norte vino tinto,  It´s easy when you shop online with  






Rose Wine    
Tenerife's rose wines are quite numerous, although their production is smaller than that of the red and white wine. However, the island does have a wide variety of high-quality rosé wines, which just goes to show the rich ecological culture of the island. In fact, some of the best wineries on Tenerife produce well-known, prize-winning rosés, which you can try in any restaurant, or shop with us online and we´ll deliver straight to your door.            










White Wine       

Tenerife's white wines were the first wines produced on the island. They were introduced by the conquistadors and soon became popular in Europe, especially Malvasia, a wine whose grape originally came from Greece. Nowadays, the three exquisite varieties of white wine produced in Tenerife are dry, semidry and cask wine. They are available in the best restaurants and hotels on the island and make the perfect companion for a Canarian fish or shellfish dish. ... The white wines here are produced mainly from a grape known as the Listán Blanca mixed with a small number of Malvasia and Gual grapes. According to the experts, as well as their fruity aroma Tenerife's white wines have a hint of aniseed, particularly in the dry white. This wine is full bodied and leaves a pleasant, fruity taste in the mouth. The semidry is a smooth wine with a good balance between sweet and acid. Finally, the cask white is recognised by its fruity taste subtly combined with a hint of oak. is now the best way to try out new flavours, new varieties and have these delivered straight to your front door.  Go ahead and shop online.  It couldn't be easier!   For those who have better things to do than queue! 








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